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LunaDesk joins Replit Ventures accelerator programme, commencing June 2022.

A graphic announces LunaDesk's participation in Replit Ventures 2022.

Replit has today announced that LunaDesk is one of twelve successful applicants to Replit's start-up accelerator programme, “Replit Ventures 2022”. The program provides participants with funding, mentoring, and access to talks from prominent industry figures.

Commencing in late June 2022 and lasting 10 weeks, LunaDesk will benefit from access to programme participants and to the mentorship and tools needed to bring LunaDesk's award-winning prototype to market. During this period LunaDesk will be given $10,000, along with a dedicated mentor and access to a variety of workshops hosted by Replit’s in-house team, designed to ground the team in company-building approaches and methodologies.

In addition to Replit’s in-house workshops, there will also be a series of exclusive industry-led talks with guest speakers, including talks and 'office hours' drop-ins with individuals from Y Combinator, Figma, and Stripe.

Finally, Replit will also provide LunaDesk with access to tools from their best-in-class partners such as Stripe, Supabase, Loom, Notion, Linear, Pitch, Figma and Airtable.

Replit will not be take any equity or control of LunaDesk through LunaDesk's participation in this programme.

The LunaDesk team is incredibly excited to get started in the programme and feel honoured to have been one of a handful of teams selected to participate.

To follow LunaDesk’s progress, you can follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram.

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